Background History

As Myanmar stand at the dawn of the twenty-first century, Myanmar has faced various natural disasters such as Earthquake, Cyclone/ Tropical Stone, Infestation, Tsunami, Landslides, Floods, Tornados, Drought and Flu. In 2004,  Ayeyar-waddy division, started Tsunami storm in Labutta Township and Pyrnsalu sub-Township. In the Delta Region, MHDO’s core members have experiences and lesson learnt by implementing several post-tsunami rehabilitation projects covering the sectors of Water/Sanitation and infrastructure with self contract and individual donation with a very low profile as a CBO. MHDO then concentratcd its activities in Myaung Mya district ancl Pyinsalu Sub-Towrrship in LabutLa District. Again in 2008, Cyclone Nargis struck in Myanmar at that time MHDO’s core members have several Cyclone Nargis related projects assisting with food distribution, primary healthcare, water/sanitation and hygiene activities, and shelter construction for cyclone victims. It gives the great experiences and lesson learnt to do the community development work in every place, every tribe and religion, of every people in Myanmar.

After Cyclone Nargis, and its response. MHDO’s dream seen by eight volunteers who shared the same feelings and thoughts took a step towards development and form MHDO which become reality in December 2009.

Today, Myanmar’s Heat Development organization is proudly standing and actively doing the community development with the support of partners under the guidance and registration of Ministry of Home Affairs. Nay Pyi Taw on March I 4, 2011 (with registration number of – 1952)

We are sharing love and peace to everyone.

A safe and secure livelihood for all people in Myanmar.

To create and/ or provide opportunities for improved livelihood for the needy in Myanmar.

Myanmar’s Heart Development Organizatioin is a local non-governmental humanitarian organization founded by eight local volunteers.

  1. MHDO experiences harmonious relationships amongst its staff and with all appropriate organizations and partner communities
  2. MHDO has competent staff at all levels to implement projects with professionalism, integrity and excellence
  3. MHDO has a sound and effective management system
  4. MHDO has effective, feasible programs to fulfill its mission
  5. MHDO enjoys high confidence from a variety of donors and receives stable funding for its quality programs
  6. MHDO is adequately equipped with appropriate facilities and equipment to meet its expanding needs.

It was a very lowly beginnings but it’s been quite see the service a ride from that