Main Sectors of Work

  • Infrastructure Development
  • Personal and Community Hygiene
  • Water and Sanitation, Natural Resources Rehabilitation
  • Agro-base Food Security and Livelihood
  • Relief and recovery operation in emergencies,
  • Educational Sponsorship, DRR Program, Sustainable Development, Shelter Construction.

Approach to Development

To ensure sustainability and durability of the complemented projects, MHDO has adopted the following approach as its strategic planning in all project implementation.

Phase One:¬† MHDO exist lor the one and only reason that every Myanmar citizen live ard enjoy love and pcace in a developed society, MHDO realized and cmphasized also that government, private sector (s), community based organization and Myanmar’s Hearl Development Organization contributes to the center developed society in its approach to Developments and Projects implementation.

Phase Two: MHDO then deal with the progression or a sequence of stages, tasks in a circular flow of CBO, Private sector (s) and MHDO in line with the national/ government’s sectoral development in order to attain a developed society as a whole.

Phase Three: At this stage of development work, MHDO ensures the overlapping relationship among the four entities or bodies. This certainly indicates the need for collaboration and coordination in relation to the developed society. MHDO ensures that CBO is a part of the decision-making body in the projiect implementation and wilt get assistance for the need assessment for future or new project.

Phase Four: By the time MHDO need to phase out its activities in the local community, It ensures that CBO and Private sector'(s) remain active and functioning for durability and sustainability of the project so that every village member in the community,is living and enjoying love and peace in a developed society. Who know’s one day our country is totally in a developed society!

Approach to Project Implementation

In the above diagram displayed the initiation of the MHDO by means of mobilization mainly focused on the active facilitation with the immediate community not undermining the other stakeholders. In the process of the project implementation stakeholders have much attention (most
at the climax) to the activities and approach of the project. As thc project is phasing out laid down by the project time frame durability and sustarnabilify is ensured with full coirtrol and management of the project/dcvelopment by the cornmurity based organization fully backed by the concemed
line department or government.

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