Myanmar’s Heart Development Organization has five main program sectors. They arc Livelihood, WASH, infrastructure, Environmental Development and non-formal education MHDO has built., the premise that effective development initiatives are formed by identifying community needs and that this is the initial planning stage. MHDO’s program focuses on the process of change that improves the quality of life of the community and utilizes their skills and available resources. To aid in thc development process. MHDO services as a catalyst, facilitating community cognition of its own abilities and available resources. In addition, the organization also functions as a vehicle to
access resources outside the community.

MHDO Program Consists of:

Livelihood program

  1. Food Security
  2. Agriculture
  3. Livestock
  4. Farmer Field School
  5. Vocational Trainings

WASH program

  1. Safe water (Deep tube wells, shallow tube wells, etc… )
  2. Sanitation (Personal hvgicne and environmental sanitation)
  3. Constructions (mini-dams or weir, ponds, wells, PWSG, RWCT, toilet. etc… )
  4. Basic Health Awarness

Infrastructure Development

  1. Bridges. Road and jetty construction
  2. Clinic and schools construction
  3. Boat and shelter construction with DRR program

Environmental Development

  1. Community rvoodlot
  2. Community Agro-forestry
  3. Nature forest development a,d/or Mangrove/ Rehabilitation
  4. DRR Training

Non-Formal Education

  1. Assistance for students in monastery school
  2. Child Friendly school program
  3. Psycho-social support
  4. Educational Support