Livelihood program is fundamental in providing for stable and self-sustaining life in a community. Positive impact is directly seen in health status and quality of life. Subsectors of livelihood and food security, Infrastructure Development of Community and livehood Access. The following programs fall under the umbrella of Livelihood program.

  1. Food Security
  2. Agriculture
  3. Livestock
  4. Farmer Field School
  5. Vocational Trainings

Main Activities include: –

  • Partners field School and Distributor seeds and Fertilizer
  • Provide Demonstration Model plot
  • Seed Banks and Revolving
  • Farmland development and Canal line
  • Community Nursery establishments
  • Provide seeds warehouse and Farm tools.
  • Compose making and Bio fertilizer Training

Postal code 83316 agency name buhl joint district county name twin falls county highest grade offered 12 total students 403 more info about the school mailing address 1 indian territory, buhl,id