The projects and program implemented under the label of ‘non-formal education’ are very diverse in scope including various kinds of educational work linked with development initiatives including agricultural extension and training program and health education. The present pattern, in which we have education at the beginning of our lives, then work in one field until an extended retirement period, is changing. Life-long learning is becoming part of’ modem life. this is because rapid technological change and growth in information require ongoing leaning. Given the importance of learning foundations, curently those who miss out on basic education suffer exclusion.

MHDO believe that ongoing learning throughout life enables people to take advantage of new opportunities that arise as society changes. MHDO therefore endeavors to provide opportunities for those who are unemployed to re-enter the workforce.

Activities include: 

  • Mobile Clinic and Heath Assistance for students in Monetary School
  • Child Friendly School program
  • Psycho-social Support
  • Educational Supp

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