WASH Programs focus on improving community health, Water. Sanitation and Hygiene promotion, Health awareness Communities who live in remote areas. WASH program interventions include:

  1. Safe water (Deep tube wells, shallow tube wells, etc… )
  2. Sanitation (Personal hvgicne and environmental sanitation)
  3. Constructions (mini-dams or weir, ponds, wells, PWSG, RWCT, toilet. etc… )
  4. Basic Health Awareness

Main Activities include: –

  • RWCT (5000 gal ) Construction
  • Pond fencing and cleaning
  • Hygiene Promotion and community Sanitation Training
  • Household latrines and School Latrines Construction
  • Tube Wells Digging and pipe water supply
  • Gravity flow and mini dam construction
  • Water Stuff Management and Spring Source Management
  • Well Construction/Water testing EC, chlorine etc.